I run private workshops for in my gallery in the hills near Bridge of Cally, just north of Blairgowrie. These can be one-day or two-day workshops, for an individual or a small group of friends (up to 6 people per class). 

By working with individuals or small groups, I can make sure that everyone gets plenty of personal one-to-one guidance, in a relaxed and creative environment. I work with your own interests and ideas to help you learn wet-felting and needle-felting skills to create a picture or a 3D object that you can be proud of. You will also have learnt the skills you need to further develop your creativity in this wonderful medium once you're back at home.

The atmostphere on my workshops is relaxed, fun and free-flowing, with enough structure for you to learn the skills you need, but enough time and flexibility for you to follow your own creative path.  The workshops are suitable for complete beginners as well as those with a little more experience, and you honestly don't need to be an artist to be able to create something beautiful in felt!

At the moment, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, all in-person workshops have had to be temporarily suspended, but as soon as the situation improves, and government guidelines allow, I will be happy to offer workshops again.  In-person workshops will only be available when they can be run safely, with suitable social distancing and hygiene precautions in place.

Online Workshops - Beginners

In the meantime, I am running one-day online workshops to create a wet felted and needle felted landscape picture. The workshop starts at 10am and finishes at around 4pm, with a break for lunch. You will learn all the basic techniques to create a picture within a day, and the skills to allow you to produce more beautiful pictures afterwards. A trial run has shown that participants will have a fun and fulfilling day, and will be able to pick up all the techniques covered, even through an online workshop format. Classes are kept deliberately small (3-6 participants) to ensure individual attention, and I am with you live throughout the day. This is not a video workshop! The workshop will be delivered using Zoom with the opportunity to interact and chat with each other. The one-day online workshop costs £45. You will also need to purchase basic equipment and wool - I provide a shopping list for the creative felt supplier Heidifeathers and the cost should be under £30, and of course it's all yours to keep for future projects! Minimum number of participants: 3

Workshop dates: 12 March 2021, 13 March 2021, 11 April 2021.

Online Workshops - Advanced

These more advanced online one-day workshops are suitable for those who have already done the beginners felt painting workshop.

Next Steps in Felt Painting 1 - Using more unusual fibres and materials in your felt painting

This will introduce the use of silks, bamboo fibres, pre-felt, locks, nepps and colour blended wools in your wet and needle felting. The course will run via Zoom, 10am-4pm. The cost is £60, to include a sample pack of different fibres, textures and materials. The only additional purchase you may with to make is a pair of hand carders, but these are not essential. Minimum number of participants: 3.

Workshop dates: 27 February 2021, 24 April 2021.

Next Steps in Felt Painting 2 - Creating highly textured pre-felt for use in felt paintings

This takes texture to a whole new level! Learn how to incorporate all sots of bits and pieces into your wet felting to create highly textured elements. Using scraps of silk material, yarn, nepps, natural fibres, felted shapes and locks. This course would be most suitable for those who have already done the Next Steps 1 workshop. The course will run via Zoom, 10am-4pm. The cost is £60, to include a sample pack of different fibres, textures and materials. Minimum number of participants: 3.

Workshop dates: 6 March 2021, 10 April 2021.

Workshop Gift Vouchers

If you are looking for the perfect gift for someone special, what about a gift voucher for a Felt Painting workshop? I can provide a printed or emailed gift voucher for any of my workshops - please contact me for details.

To find out more about workshops, or to discuss possible dates and prices, please contact me using the Contact page on this website, or call me on 07738 160319. Please check the terms and conditions before booking.